Sunday 15 April 2007

These I did past week .
A visibility on the hedge plants,preserved
in the ground.

A piece hedge planted these week,
there still rest me much to plant.

This must becomes grass but for this year there
can stand vegetable ~~ I planted here three
cauliflower and two broccoli :o)
A little celery for my guinea-pig and
strawberry for me Hmmm

The plants planted in larger pots and
everything well clearred. Eloïse enjoy the
sun , she is 10 and my senior adopted dog.

Thursday 5 April 2007

Poultry ~~ for Tim

Belgian bearded bantams are
long-established in Britain, with three
varieties standardised: Barbu d'Anvers
(Bearded Antwerp), Barbu d'Uccle
(Bearded Uccle) and Barbu de Watermael
(Bearded Watermael), the latter introduced
in the 1980s. Each variety has a wide range
of colour variations with the beards being
an attractive characteristic. Layers of tiny
eggs, the Belgian is a good breed for young
children and good specimens are very
capable of winning prizes at shows.
Bearded Watermaal

SILKIE - Silkie type fowls have been noted
for centuries, and the origin of the breed is
suggested as being in China, Japan, or
perhaps India.The breed is well known for
two endearing qualities - its soft, silky
feathering, and its persistent maternal instinct
which makes it an excellent broody.
3 weeks ago
My son Sam working in his little garden
He has dug up everything ,and here he is
planting herbs.

One Tarragon (Artemisia dracunculus)
and three plants thyme -
Thyme (Thymus vulgaris)
Citrus Thyme ( hybrid T. pulegioides ×
T. vulgaris)

Lettuce 5 pl.
Parsley (inside)3pl. and (outside) 4pl.

100 plants - European Hornbeam or
Common Hornbeam (Carpinus betulus)

A part off it alraidy planted as a hedge.