Sunday 28 January 2007

Horticulture exhibition

Last week I went to a horticulture
exhibition - This are some
pics I took.


Saturday 20 January 2007

The little veranda (clean)
For the winter I put the gardentable
under the veranda and put on some
plants and flowers .( Laurus Nobilis,
Nerium Oleander)
The plants are all from my
former garden :o)

On the window -sill , heather ( Calluna
Vulgaris) and cyclamen.

A container pot with fish and plants
from my former pond.

Sunday 14 January 2007

May 03 , 2006 I bought a new house ~~ an old house
with a long small garden . Now I am busy with the
renovation of the house.
At Springtime I hope to begin in the garden .

The garden is long and smal , there must come a little
vegetable garden for my son -
a hedge - flowers and a herb garden :o)
( my kids are both going to the Horticulture school)

December 2006
One side of the kitchen

November 2006
The kitchen

July 2006
Sam my son helping in the garden

This become the livingroom

This become the kitchen

June 2006
The new roof at the back
May 2006
A little corner outside the kitchen

First pic of the garden

A little brook

At the end of May
Beatiful little flowers

My little Gardener Sam

A Lilac tree
May 2006
My new house

Old roof at the back