Sunday 14 January 2007

May 03 , 2006 I bought a new house ~~ an old house
with a long small garden . Now I am busy with the
renovation of the house.
At Springtime I hope to begin in the garden .

The garden is long and smal , there must come a little
vegetable garden for my son -
a hedge - flowers and a herb garden :o)
( my kids are both going to the Horticulture school)

December 2006
One side of the kitchen

November 2006
The kitchen

July 2006
Sam my son helping in the garden

This become the livingroom

This become the kitchen

June 2006
The new roof at the back

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Anonymous said...

This is a beautiful site. Nice Job. Your home is looking great. Love the pic's. You look lovely as well. And your dog is very cute. I will be checking back to watch the changes. Your friend,
Carol B.