Saturday 24 March 2007

Check out my Slide Show!

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Tim Hopper said...

Wow! Great pics Rita!

50401317 - taken along a beach towards the end of day. Magical!

000 0175 - I'm envious of these Irises (my solitary one has someway has someway to go to match these :o) ). Beautiful!

100 0099 - My brother keeps chickens. Do you know their variety? I'm sure he'd be interested to know. Lovely animals - I'll always remember going to collect their eggs from our school farm as a boy during the summer holidays (with permission, I might add :o) ).

100 0119 through 100 0143 - Dogs are the best! (my old boy 'woofs' in agreement) :o)

000 0168 - Bluebells and lily of the valley. They do go great together!

000 0177 - A bad hair day? Mine is forever having them! :o)

000 0209 through 'trap 2' - ahh! :o)

VM 5 - A 'no show' for me :o(

IMG 0054 - Paddling in the sea! There's nothing beats it on a warm day!

'Eloïse 1' through 'Flookje slaapt' - Flook asleep. Double ahh! :o)

Cheers for posting a lovely album!

Your Care2 and Blogger friends,
Tim 'n' Hugs :o)x