Sunday 15 April 2007

These I did past week .
A visibility on the hedge plants,preserved
in the ground.

A piece hedge planted these week,
there still rest me much to plant.

This must becomes grass but for this year there
can stand vegetable ~~ I planted here three
cauliflower and two broccoli :o)
A little celery for my guinea-pig and
strawberry for me Hmmm

The plants planted in larger pots and
everything well clearred. Eloïse enjoy the
sun , she is 10 and my senior adopted dog.


Tim Hopper said...

still thinking of you and yours now sadly past away(?). 'hugs' and i send both our love and heartfelt condolences. tim :o(x

Rita M said...

Thanks warmly Tim ,
Eloïse are better - I have fed her for the two hours, and she has come by it.
But as from now she is a kidney patient.Carefully I get used.
Love and hugs,
Rita :o)

Tim Hopper said...

Great news, Rita! Hugs is wagging his tail in agreement - long may her kidneys hold out, every day now being extra-special!

Tim 'n' Hugs :o)x