Sunday 15 June 2008

May 2008

Beautiful flowers but I do not know which.
The plant actually appears on a onion.

I started with the masonry of two elevated
herb beds. They should be 1.60 length
by 1.20 m. wide.

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Tim Hopper said...

Hi Rita

I'm glad to see that things are really coming on with your home and garden! I'm going to be especially envious of herb beds! :o)

Your flower is what we over here in Britain know as a 'Dutch Iris', so I guess that they might grow as a wild flower where you are. I couldn't find a Latin name for them though. Iris something, for sure.

Hugs from Tim and a poorly Huggy Bug - He's got an inflamed eye, and had to see the vet today :o(

PS. You got more snow than us this winter just gone! :o)