Sunday 8 November 2009

Halloween pumkin - October 2009

Sam had to fill one with flowers for school


Tim Hopper said...

Hi Rita!

Love your year-round photos, love Sam's pumpkin!!

Apologies for going away (I thought you had given up here - as I sadly do elsewhere, as you know.)

Best Regard Anon,
Tim n' Huggy :o)x

Comfrey Cottages said...

oh that is beautiful! i love it! the little man is cute too:) xoxoxoxo

Rita M said...

Tim, I will do my best to post again,I have a lot to post about the renovations.I hope you don't give up to post on your Plot 61a Tim.

Leslie,the little man was made by my daughter - 3 years ago at school.

Best Regards & big hugs to you both :o)