Wednesday 30 December 2009

Sam's new room on the attic ( works started 21 Oktober )

Wallpaper & paint


Comfrey Cottages said...

i LOVE sam's new room:) i bet he does also! now, you have your own room now also, right rita? everything looks so very nice:) love and hugs to you dear friend

Rita M said...

Thanks Leslie ,yes I have my own room now - but still a little work in it :o)
Love & hugs to you to my dear friend


Tim Hopper said...

Hi Rita

It reminds me of the attic room I lived in as a student. But much, much better :)

Hugs (Oh, Hugs!) :o)x

PS. Sam's learning the guitar?

Rita M said...

Thanks Tim.
Sam and his guitar - well I think he has given up - it does'nt work so well...regrettable.
His sister plays piano , guitar & for about six months violin - not perfect, but nice to hear.

Hugs to you :o)