Thursday 6 May 2010

May 6, 2010 ---- The new border with flowers and various plants

Heleborus Niger - Plox paniculata 'Robert Poore' - Nepeta faassenii 'Six Hills Giant' - Rhododendron 'Catawbiense Grandiflorum'

Buddleja - Iris sibirica - Malus 'Golden Hornet'


Tim Hopper said...

Wow Rita! Your garden's looking great! Is that a hedgehog home I spot?

Best regards always,
Tim :o)x (The clown with a trachy scar) :)

Rita M said...

Hi Tim,thaks - the little house.. it's just between my plants, actually it is for a rabbit. Maybe in the autumn I can put leaves and straw in it for the hedgehogs.
Thanks for the good idee Tim.

Best regards back,
Rita :o)