Sunday 17 April 2011

Spring wild foraging - Elderflower recipe

This post is part of the UK Herbarium blog party entitled "Herbal creativity" hosted by Leslie at Comfrey Cottages.

Take a big bowl - stuffing with elderberry blossoms and 2 sliced lemons - pouring cold water and cover with a plate to keep everything under water.
24 hours later - pour everything through a muslin or filter - take 1 &1/2 L juice and 1 &1/2 kg sugar - cook together - and pour into bottles.

The end result.

Pour into a glass about 3 parts syrup and 7 parts water. Kids love it.
You can also use the syrup with some white wine as an aperitif.


Comfrey Cottages said...

I am so excited you shared this recipe Rita! I can't wait to try it this year:) love you my friend xxxxxx

Anonymous said...

Delicious! I can't wait for the elderberries to bloom near me, not long now!
Enjoy your lovely cordial x

Anonymous said...

Hi Rita,

I just love elderflower cordial - it is a yearly tradition for me as soon as those beautiful lacy flower heads come out, and your post and beautiful pictures have filled me with excitement for their blooming. Thanks for sharing your delicious sounding recipe!

XOXO Danielle

Unknown said...

Dag Rita,
Heb er geen voorstelling van hoe het smaakt. In het verleden had ik heel veel vlier staan. Er kwamen uit een dorp verderop altijd twee vrouwen die de bessen graag wilde hebben. Ze kwamen ze elk jaar samen plukken. Volgens mij maakte ze daar sap van. Zou dat anders smaken dan jouw siroop? Eigenlijk geen idee, want ik heb het nooit geproefd.
Fijne avond nog en lieve groet, Marja

Southwest Cottage Designs said...

Fascinating! I'm planting a small garden and love to read about others' gardening ideas. I've located your blog this morning and have become your newest follower.

Herbaholic said...

Lovely photos Rita, thanks for sharing the recipe, I noticed yesterday that the elderflower is now in bud and if the sunshine we've been having here in the UK continues we'll have elderflowers to make cordial and my favourite elderflower 'champagne' in a couple of weeks. Yummy!

Hope to see you taking part in the blog parties again :)


De Gulle Aarde said...

Vlierbloesem ...sommige mensen moeten er even aan wennen maar dan....zo lekker. Moeilijk om wat te laten hangen voor de bessen die natuurlijk ook weer lekker zijn, en heel gezond.
Leuke blog heb je!

Shamanic Winds/"A Practical Year In Herbalism with Goldenrod" said...

Mmmmm, this sounds so easy and delish!!! Yummy, I'll have to take a Wildcrafting exploration and see if we have any Elderflower growing around our area here in Michigan, I think I may have seen something similar to it on one of my walks (will have to look more into it, though, to make sure that is what the flower is!!!)

Bet this would taste yummy with some Raw Honey, too!

Hugs xo,
)O( Shamanic Winds

Rita M said...

It is very easy Shamanic Winds.