Sunday 26 June 2011

Blackbirds from May 30 to June 23

May 30 ~ They build a nice nest.
Een mooi nestje hebben ze gebouwd.

June 3

June 12

June 19

June 22

June 23 ~ The last day,good luck little ones
De laatste dag,veel geluk kleintjes


Anonymous said...

How wonderful to witness these beautiful babies being born. Thanks for sharing the pictures, they made me smile.

this is my patch said...

The photos of your baby blackbirds are just gorgeous. The ones in my garden at the moment are enjoying feasting on Amelanchier berries! x

Comfrey Cottages said...

awwww good luck little birds! so sweet Rita xxx thank you for sharing:) xoxoxox very good photos:)

La Maison said...

Wat een kleine wondertjes en wat een prachtige foto's.
De kleur van de eitjes is helemaal mijn kleur.
Geweldig als je oog voor de natuur hebt. Geniet van de zomer en een lieve groet,


Anonymous said...

Hello Rita,
What a wonderful set of photos, it's interesting to see how quickly the babies grow. I always worry about the young birds in my garden but all you can do is wish them luck isn't it? I wonder if you will get another brood in the same nest.
Best wishes.

Tim Hopper said...

What a beautiful set of pictures!

Blackbirds tried to nest in my backyard last year, but were unsuccessful :( So glad to see yours did so well!

Tim :o)x