Tuesday 5 June 2012

A day to the Museum with my daughter Emma.

Paul Delvaux 1897 ~ 1994

"I need solitude. Even if it sometimes weights upon me. Once one had decided to paint, one must sacrifice all else to art. Painting must become one's only occupation. There is no question of living like everybody else. For example, raising a family."
"I would like to create a fabulous painting in which I would live, in which I could live."
Paul Delvaux



Comfrey Cottages said...

Oh what a wonderful time you had! Lovely art! Emma has changed her hairstyle! She looks so gorgeous xoxox What a cool things to say.. I want to create a painting to live in! :) big hugs sis!! xoxox

Zem said...

Leuk dat je op mijn blog reageerde. De uitspraak van Paul Delvaux spreekt me trouwens erg aan. Schilderen is, naast de tuin en planten, óók heel belangrijk voor mij. Maar dit soort statements over zelfgezochte eenzaamheid passen niet echt in deze tijd...
In je andere blog schrijf je o.a. over kruiden en hun toepassing: ik zal daar nog eens goed naar kijken.
Hartelijke groeten, Zem.

Rita M said...

Thanks sis, we had a wonderful day.Normally she is at home every weekend, but with the examens she is staying in Brugge. This day I picked her up on the way to the museum.